Welcome to FogStar.  I work with Sound, Color, Light and other bio- and subtle energies.   I am a musician, mixed-media artist, audio, video and computer engineer, a researcher and writer, a designer and builder of sound therapy tables and other interesting devices, and a creator of specialized and customized CDs & DVDs for sound tables, self-development, and other uses.   I also work with and create special frequency commutations for various uses like brainwave and body entrainments, relaxation and well-being.

From my studies of the Languages of Light, Color, Sound, Sacred Geometry, Physics, Mathematics, Symbols, and Intentions, I attempt to recreate and share some of the amazing things I see and learn about in my research and in my collaborations with other researchers in these areas and others like cymatics.   I use music and/or analog frequencies and specific intentions to directly and indirectly influence my creations.

I also collaborate with incredibly talented engineers, scientists, designers, artists, musicians, energy workers and developers on diverse, specialized projects with sound, color, light and more.   

Bruce Manaka, a creative musician, author, artist, and friend, and I created a collaborative CD called Sonic Ascension, Sacred Sound Journeys Into the Vortex, Volume 1, Recorded Live at the Vortex in 29 Palms, California.  Sonic Ascension is a meditation and wellness CD that features the unique pure sounds of Crystal and Tibetan Metal Singing Bowls, didgeridoo, bells, chimes, rain sticks, assorted rattles, and overtone chanting recorded live in a truly magical place in 29 Palms, California, near Joshua Tree National Park.    Sonic Ascension is not to be listened to while driving as it was created and produced as a meditative sound journey experience.   This CD, which was recorded at very high resolution using some of the finest recording gear available, is a perfect companion to the meditation and/or relaxation techniques you already use.   Or play it as you drift off to sleep.   Because Singing Bowls and some of our other instruments produce fairly pure sine waves, we recommend listening to this CD on a good quality stereo system with decent speakers and good speaker separation.   

To listen to previews of Sonic Ascension , visit http://www.CDBaby.com/manakaskalsky.  

For special projects, I can be reached at RAS@FogStar  dot  com.   

Also see a relaxing youtube video I recorded and created titled Spiral Lightwaves at


Thanks for visiting and please check back now and then for new developments.

Peace & Love & Light!

Rick Skalsky

P.S. We’re putting together a gallery for displaying some of my art work, so check back soon.

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